Where to begin?

My personal philosophy is that to live a full life, we must express our authentic selves. By doing so, we allow others the space to do the same. I manifest this philosophy through photography, poetry, writing, drawing, and painting. This is my space to share my own inspirations and tell the stories I stumble upon as I travel and work towards my career goals, whatever that means.

My goal in my photography work is to allow others to show their uniqueness and vulnerability. I want the subjects of my photos to exist in their version of reality. I also have a deep passion for marine wildlife, and could see myself translating photography and marine biology into a career one day.

After spending the past eight months on O’ahu, curating stories and learning more about local culture, the ocean, and conservation,  it’s finally time to take my next step and join the Peace Corps in Jamaica for 2.5 years, beginning March 2018. There I will be working as an environmental promoter, to assess the needs of community members in the realm of agricultural and environmental sustainability. This is just another opportunity for me to be open, attentive, and growing. And I am very excited.

Per request, I am available for commissioned work, and have a skill set that ranges from graphic design to photography to live painting. Peep at some of my past work to check out what we can do to collaborate and make your vision come to life!

Fair winds and following seas,